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Eurofishmarket regularly inform businesses and organizations concerned about European tenders, national and regional use in the field of environmental sustainability, fisheries, education and research.

Eurofishmarket occurs with customers interested in the calls being more interesting for their purpose and supports them throughout the design process, filling out forms, administrative and bureaucratic.

We contribute to the creation of partnerships in the areas outlined above and provide technical advice in these projects. We also have the appropriate communication channels to provide visibility to the projects themselves and participate in the dissemination of results.

Eurofishmarket refers to European calls, in particular to FEP, national, regional, foundations, etc..

Some Case Studies

FEP (European Fund for Fisheries):

  1. Measures to support adaptation of the Community fishing fleet

  2. Financial aid may be granted to fishermen and vessel owners affected by the measures taken to combat overfishing and to protect public health, and for the temporary or permanent withdrawal of fishing vessels, training, retraining or early retirement of fishermen.

  3. Aquaculture, inland fishing, processing and marketing

  4. The FEP promotes the acquisition and use of equipment and techniques to reduce the environmental impact of aquaculture production and improve the quality of the products and the conditions of hygiene and health of humans or animals. The aid is reserved for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as some large companies with fewer than 750 employees or a turnover of less than EUR 200 million. However, it is given priority to micro and small businesses.

  5. Collective actions

  6. Some collective actions can be supported under the FEP provided that contribute to sustainable development and the conservation of resources, to improve the services offered by fishing ports, the expansion of the markets for fishery products and the promotion of partnerships between experts and professionals in the field of fisheries.

  7. Sustainable development of fisheries areas

  8. The FEP supports the measures and initiatives aimed at diversifying and boosting economic development in fisheries areas hit by the decline of fishing activity.

  9. Technical Support

  10. The Fund may finance the preparatory, monitoring, administrative and technical support, evaluation, audit and inspection measures necessary for the implementation of this Regulation.