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Events organization

Eurofishmarket organizes events / courses / panel test for the promotion of fish products that need to strengthen their image especially from the point of view of content.

Through the organization of events we aim to enhance the public image of your products on the Italian market. We present our customers in an interesting way and explain the features and value-added seafood products.

We create ad hoc events with celebrity chefs from all over Italy to promote fish products: a real panel-test where a chef and an expert will compare different species illustrating the structural and sensory.

Eurofishmarket organizes on its own and with partners specialized event dedicated to the promotion of specific technologies, products and production companies.

Fairs:Eurofishmarket participated in numerous exhibitions of Italian and foreign fishing industry with the presence of a stand of their own or in collaboration with other partners. Inside the fairs organized Eurofishmarket microevents custom for the customer, panel test , one to one meetings between producers and distributors.

Conferences, round tables ad hoc on the main areas of the fisheries sector as protagonists all stakeholders in the fishing industry from producers to processors to distributors for consumer associations and environmental.

Eurofishmarket also creates educational events with schools to educate young people and families to live a healthy diet for ethical and quality. See example

Eurofishmarketcollaborates with the world of catering and medium-high food organizing independently or in collaboration with chefs and cooking schools specialized courses on knowledge and cooking of fish products and technical tastings on them.

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