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Media promotion

We develop actions aimed at adding value to your fish products through articles, press releases and interviews and spread your message using our media network (newspapers, magazines, radio, and Tv shows) including social network.

The most important Eurofishmarket media channels:

  • "Eurofishmarket magazine" is a worldwide distributed technical-scientific journal with about 4000 subscriptions, available both in Italian and English, specialized in fish and fishery products.

  • Eurofishmarket websites: is constantly updated and it has become a point of reference for business operators. is dedicated to "Eurofishmarket-magazine" and other publications. For people who wants to be always up to date on any present problems and news. is dedicated to a better use of Italian low-value fish.

  • A newsletter daily updated which could reach at least 5000 professionals involved in the fish sector or food and beverage journalists. - Newsletter sample

  • Eurofishmarket Web-TV: creation of professional the most innovative fish products and spread among our media contacts.

  • Social media marketing through facebook and twitter

The communication channels through Eurofishmarket

Moreover thanks to the cooperation of several professionals we are able to provide our clients with:

  • Custom tailored websites :

    - The latest generation web interfaces and layout suitable for mobile devices.
    - Management platforms for web pages content management.
    - Targeted websites.
    - Custom tailored templates
    - App creation for iOS and / or Android.

  • Company video developing :

    Creation of format, advertising services and TV productions together with a wide range of video by providing the client with support throughout all the steps. We provide our clients with strategic full-service creative, development and production.

  • Graphic design:

    Brochures, illustrations, layout and advertising posters useful for information and consumer education.