About us

Eurofishmarket was founded in 2004 and it is a leading firm specialized in marketing, training and legal services on seafood sector.

The Eurofishmarket team

Our Team consists of skilled professionals with a global reach: technical advisors including veterinaries with significant experiences of the fish and aquaculture sector, media experts, video developers and lawyers.

Our team members:

Scientific Committee

The technical-scientific committee at Eurofishmarket consists of Experts, Specialists, Researchers, Representatives representing National and International Organizations, Control Bodies, Trade Associations etc. This committee members, professionals in their respective fields are offering their invaluable expertise to Eurofishmarket's research, surveys, magazine and other activities.

Scientific Committee members:

For any further information, please contact: segreteria@eurofishmarket.it


Our clients often engage Eurofishmarket when they need to enhance their reputation and solve their problems in the seafood market sector both from the technical and legal standpoint. Our integrated approach combines aspects of marketing with our deep expertise in the seafood sector.

We have proven ability to create marketing strategies built on research, knowledge, and industry insights and communicate effectively clientship and stakeholders. Through a carefully planned marketing strategy we improve and enhance the public image of your organization in the Italian market. We introduce your company in an attractive way and we explain both features and added value of seafood products. Each action aims at reaching many professionals involved in the fish sector: importers, wholesalers, retailers and media.


Having years of expertise in this area and a very extensive network of specialists Eurofishmarket is considered a reliable source of information for producers and retailers. In this respect Eurofishmarket participates in a network both in fish and media sector, cooperating with:

  • institutions
  • universities
  • ministries
  • International Organizations (EU, FAO)
  • consumer associations

Therefore we are able to draw on vast resources to obtain market information for a wide variety of issues in the fish sector.